Coronavirus travel restrictions: Can we travel right now?

Coronavirus is an issue that has reformulated the way the world works. It has touched all sectors, and the economy has been completely affected. Not to mention that a vaccine is not yet found, and we don’t know how long the quarantine measure can last.

Many countries, especially the first to enact this measure, announced to the world that they would gradually begin to lift the quarantine. Although the WHO explained that it was not time to relax the measures.

The idea is to stay strong with them in the face of a second outbreak, and it was wise to do so until the vaccine was found. The Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way of seeing things, increased consciousness, and even the unconsciousness of many people.

Many still dismiss the need to stay home and find themselves on Florida beaches. This continues to be a crisis, a pandemic, and must be taken seriously.

Coronavirus travel restrictions: Reason for many controversies

Coronavirus travel restrictions

Many people have lost their jobs; have been evicted for not being able to pay rent, while others are looking for ways to work at home. That’s not to mention the number of people killed worldwide by this deadly virus and all the doctors who are battling it.

Many were even out of service, and decided to join the fight by returning to their former positions in health centers. We cannot predict what will happen, but this undoubtedly requires everyone’s support and work.

Now, is it really necessary to travel?

Coronavirus travel restrictions

What about the plans we already had? It should be mentioned that many people were on vacation and returned to their places of origin when the Coronavirus arose, they ended up being infected. And therefore, they made many more sick.

For this reason, Europe, specifically Spain, was one of the countries with the most cases and deaths registered. Today Spain is displaced by the United States.

So before the measure of flights suspension, public events, and everything that included people agglomeration completely affected the tourism sector. Many studies that refer to the subject do not know how this will turn out, and how the sector will recover from the crisis.

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Coronavirus travel restrictions: Traveling or not in the middle of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus travel restrictions
  • Freedom
  • Social responsibility

These two points are a matter of discussion and have led to the unconsciousness of many, including protests. Many people in the United States have called to protest the Coronavirus, claiming that they are free to travel and lead normal lives.

“It is not about individual liberties, but about social responsibility” therefore, we must all unite to stop the curve. Thus:

  1. The government completely reduced travel
  2. The national government closed the borders
  3. Nightclubs, food centers have only been limited to delivery service
  4. The arrests of those who violate the quarantine measure have increased

All this to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus worldwide. However, companies have had to modify certain patterns and norms or adapt them to the current situation.

In the case of airlines and flight cancellation

  • There is no possibility of compensation if you cancel the flight : but due to the current situation, the airlines relaxed the policies for returning money to customers.
  • If it is necessary to travel for reasons of force majeure: You must adhere to all preventive and hygiene measures and reduce contact as much as possible.

This pandemic is something that we cannot control; it is very difficult. Therefore the recommendation and the simplest thing is that you stay in your home until the government lift the quarantine. All this for your protection and that of those around you.

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