Sicily: The island that will pay you to visit it after the pandemic

These days, where we are confined to our homes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have plenty of free time to plan vacations. Of course, once the quarantine is over, many travel and tourism alternatives will open, waiting for us.

In this sense, countries like Italy, whose income sources correspond largely to tourism, already plan how to attract us to their islands and cities.

As part of the Sicily region’s economic recovery strategy, its government and tourism advisers are offering a not inconsiderable option. If you decide to visit this region at the end of this quarantine, you can enjoy this wonderful place for half the price on the flight tickets. Also, they offer the possibility of tour packages that include benefits for your accommodation in the region.


Without a doubt, considering visiting this region of Italy can be a very good decision, since it is very beautiful and with great attractions. With the announcement of 50 million euros fund for this purpose, tourist packages can get many tourists to bet on this trip.

With them, you can visit the most recognized archaeological places and the amazing islands with its beautiful beaches on the Italian coast.

For this, you must go preparing your bags and planning your budget for when this quarantine passes. After all these events, we are sure to deserve a trip of enjoyment and entertainment for the whole family. With the time that remains, you can make your preparations and enter the web to find these tour packages at your fingertips.

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What are the benefits offered by the Sicily government?


When thinking about the benefits that we will obtain, it is important to review what this region offers to achieve the largest number of tourists and recover its economy. Among them we can mention:

1. The government of the Sicily region, through a fund of 50 million euros, may cover the payment of 50% of the cost of your round trip tickets. With this, you can save a lot of money, and take the largest number of members of your family to enjoy this beautiful region.

2. Another benefit of the tourist packages they offer is found in paying up to a third of your lodging expenses if you decide to stay for more than three days in Sicily. If you plan a week-long trip, you can take advantage of the promotion of not having to pay the full costs, and make the most of everything they can offer you.

3. Also, you can have a coupon to receive an extra night at your hotel for every two nights of your stay. Imagine being able to enjoy three or two free nights at your hotel, so you will have no excuses to visit all the museums and architectural works that are on the island.

4. They will offer free visits to all their museums, places, or archaeological sites so that you can make the most of your trip to Sicily.

5. The estimated date or month to become a creditor of one of these tourist packages corresponds to the end of July or the beginning of August, and according to the climate of the region, they will be the best months to travel.

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